Dreams of Villages

Dreams of Villages

The country’s spirit

Dreams of Villages
Dreams of Villages
Dreams of Villages

A bell-tower, a square, a garden, narrow streets, little shops, a café… This is a summary of what makes up the charm of French villages.

Beyond the post card setting, Eluxfrance takes you on the discovery of the most authentic French treasures.

Villages, a national treasure Searching for the most beautiful village in France

Villages of the past and the present

To claim this tittle, the village of your dreams must be picturesque, have a unique history, a particular expertise, but mostly be lively and centered around passing on its traditions. Among those selected, many can be found in Corsica, but also in the regions of Bordeaux, Périgord or even Burgundy. To discover them, you just need to set off along the roads and meet their inhabitants.

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