Inuit experience as a family

Inuit experience as a family

A real shared experience, treat your children to this unique adventure, arming yourselves with shovels to build an igloo! This passive house for Inuit people from Greenland, ensures a shelter from the cold temperatures, adequate for survival, even if – surprisingly – it’s made of snow.

As a family, your goal is to build the largest igloo possible, before warming up your body and soul with a glass of mulled wine, prepared on a wood fire. A snowy, magical and warm experience that can be enjoyed with your little tribe. 


Let yourself be surprised by exceptional Luxperiences®

Let yourself be surprised by exceptional Luxperiences®

Choose the Luxperience® that suits you best while discovering our different themes : Immersion, Privilege, Encounters, Sensation or Nature…

Experience the magic of a unique and iconic location in the best possible conditions : only for you ! Let its atmosphere run through you while it reveals itself smoothly to better appropriate it and create your own memories : this is also luxury.

These Luxperiences® will carry you away in the exotic world of other cultures while giving you the unique possibility to travel with your senses.

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