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Last update: December 5th 2018


While browsing Eluxfrance’s website, temporary cookies can be stored on your computer.



A “cookie” is a text file that allows Eluxfrance to identify the device to which it is saved for the cookie’s period of validity or storage duration.

When browsing the Website, Eluxfrance can save, on a dedicated space of your device’s hard drive (computer, tablet or smartphone), one or multiple “cookies” through the web browser which you use and depending on the settings that you have selected on it regarding cookies.


This information includes:

  • The type of internet browser that you use
  • The type of operating system and device that you use to access the service
  • The domain name of your internet service provider
  • The internet page that you came from
  • The country of residence and your language
  • The pages and options you visit and that you can access on our Websites


When visiting our Website for the first time, as soon as Eluxfrance intends to save a cookie to your device, an information banner will appear at the bottom of the page. By continuing your browsing of the Website, after having clicked on “I accept”, you expressly consent to Eluxfrance filing cookies on your device (cookies related to the transactions associated with targeted advertising, some audience measurement cookies, social media cookies mainly generated by sharing buttons when they collect personal data).

If you continue browsing the Website, cookies can be filed to your computer. The banner will remain displayed until you have continued browsing, that is until you have visited another of the Website’s page or until you click on on the Website’s item. If you don’t want to accept all or part of the cookies, we recommend you follow the detailed instructions that allow you manage the cookies with your browser’s settings.

Cookies don’t generate or transmit any computer viruses that may infect your device, they are legible and recognizable only by their issuer.

You have the possibility of modifying the settings related to cookies at any time.

The validity period for consent regarding the filing of Cookies is of 13 months. When this period has expired, we will seek your consent once more.

To find out more about cookies and their use, you can consult the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties’ (CNIL) file at the following address:, section “Cookies: the tools to control them”.




Eluxfrance may use the following types of cookies (banner at the bottom of the page):

  • Session management cookies
  • Audience measurement cookies (statistic cookies)
  • Cookies needed for certain optional features
  • Cookies related to targeted advertising
  • Social media cookies mainly generated by sharing buttons, when they collect personal data


Session management cookies are essential for a proper functioning Website. Refusing them could lead to the Website slowing down and / or malfunctioning.

By analyzing the way in which you use the Website, Eluxfrance can offer improved navigation for the purpose of meeting your needs in an appropriate way and also identifying the potential problems you could come across in order to find quick solutions.

Eluxfrance is likely to integrate third party computer applications to their Website that enable the sharing of the Website’s content with other people. This is the case in particular for the “Share” or “Like” button on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even LinkedIn. The relevant social network may therefore identify you and save cookies to your devices. Please consult their Privacy Policy.

You have the possibility to refuse to accept cookies through the procedures detailed in c) below.




You have the possibility of modifying your internet browser’s settings at any time in order to accept, set or, on the contrary, refuse cookies. A number of options are available to you: accepting all cookies, be notified when a cookie is saved, or systematically refuse all cookies.

Eluxfrance informs you that deactivating session cookies or features may prevent you from consulting the Website. Therefore, Eluxfrance shall not be held responsible in the event of impaired function of our services connected to the settings you have chosen.

Each internet browser offers different configuration methods to manage cookies. Generally speaking, they are described in each browser’s help menu, we invite you to refer to that.




Please note that as some of our partners (staging, technical service providers, etc.) are located outside of the European Union, the data collected thanks to cookies can be subjected to a transfer to non European Union members, whose personal data protection legislation differs from that applicable in France.

We require that our partners only use your personal data to manage or supply requested services and always ask them to act according to the personal data protection laws and pay special attention to the confidentiality of this data. To find out more, please consult their policy regarding personal data protection.




We may modify this policy from time to time in order to reflect the changes in our practices, to better clarify our practices or to insure compliance with regulations. In this case, you will be informed by a message on this website urging you to consult the updated policy.

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