Bespoke Tours

Bespoke Tours

France, like you’ve never seen it before !

Bespoke Tours
Bespoke Tours
Bespoke Tours

From a more exclusive and tailor-made angle, Eluxfrance offers a unique discovery of the most beautiful regions.

You will learn to discover or rediscover the most iconic locations through powerful experiences…

Get close to great Chefs, fly over landscapes in a private plane and experience excellence on a daily basis...

Infinite variety of landscapes Rich natural heritage

At the heart of the most beautiful regions…

Travelling through France is an eternal source of inspiration and a trip that is both a joy for the spirit and the eyes. From North to South and East to West, each time a new story comes to light, a new exploration can be discovered. Each region has its own traditions, landscapes and expertise. Sumptuous, regal and sometimes imperial, both rebellious and docile at the same time, surprising and bewitching… France is a unique destination. We have the pleasure of giving to you on a silver platter.  

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