Frédéric de Coral & Frédéric Savoyen

A giant leap

in French Luxury

Traveling to France
with Eluxfrance is :


    More than a DMC, we are a community of well travelled and discerning Frenchmen with amazing first-hand experiences and knowledge to share.


    We are a highly creative team that is constantly on the lookout for new activities and places to explore.


    We pride ourselves on getting exclusive access to places that are ordinarily off-limits.


    From airport pickup to final drop off, we ensure a seamless organisation.

  • CARE

    Little details make a big difference, excitement makes every trip memorable


    Reliability and service are the backbone to what we do.


    We strongly believe that luxury is not an excuse for charging excessively.

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We are two seasoned and multilingual travel professionals who want their clients to feel something special at every moment of their stay in France. We have combined luxury and fresh original ideas to give them an insider’s experience that will be memorable, fun, and talked about for years to come.