In the West, something new…


If Brittany’s history is millennia old and very rich, the ancient Celtic nation looks further than its menhirs.

Focused on the sea and the future, Brittany will seduce adventure lovers and thrill seekers.

Breathtaking landscapes, a string of windswept islands, dynamic cities full of character… Be careful, it will be love at first sight !

A multi-faceted peninsula Between "terroir" and traditions

Contrasting scenery with the same identity

To discover Brittany, you must set sail! With over 2700km of coast and a soul shaped by the elements, Brittany reveals itself with the flow of the tides, between the Finistère and the Morbihan… Despite the differences, the Bretons share their love of their country, their history and their gastronomy; and their love of sharing it with you.

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